CIE Division and Technical Meetings Programme

One of the best ways to introduce yourself to the technical work of the CIE is to come to one of our events, particularly the Quadrennial Sessions CIE 2023, and to take part in the technical meetings personally.

It’s a great way to meet the people who are developing our publications and find out which committees you may be able to contribute to! The CIE Divisions and Technical Committees (TCs) will hold their meetings in the three days following the CIE 2023 conference, September 21-22, 2023.

Below is a draft timetable for these meetings.  As at all CIE conferences all of these meetings are open to observers in addition to the registered members of the Divisions and TCs. Check the CIE Website for  details of the scopes of the Divisions and TCs

All meetings will be held at: Fakulteta za elektrotehniko, Univerza v Ljubljani, Tržaška c. 25, 1000 Ljubljana