Travelling around

The public city bus network makes it easy to travel within the city. The city lines connecting all districts, which run according to regular schedules throughout the day, are complemented by suburban buses, which link Ljubljana to its close surroundings.
To ride the city buses in Ljubljana, you must first purchase an Urbana card (similar to an Oyster Card in London).

Urbana card:

These can be bought at self-service stations ("Urbanomat") found at the larger bus stops across the city, LPP sales sites, Tourist Information Centers and newspaper agents for €2,00 and need to be loaded with an amount ranging from €1,00 to €50.

Locations of Urbanomat (Use Google maps and insert "Urbanomat" in the search field)

Upon entering the bus by the front door, you need to position the card next to the reader to pay for the route. The confirmation is a quiet beep and an illuminated green light, while a negative response is a louder beep and a red light. You can ride gor 90 minutes and you can also change the bus in this 90 minutes, but you have to "check-in" on every bus, You will hear a beep and a text "Prestop" (Transfer) will be seen on the display. After that, you proceed to take your seat / stand.

Map of lines (click here for full pdf file):

Info about the lines:

It is also convenient to travel by bus to reach other localities around the country. Ljubljana also has a well-organized taxi service, which is not exceedingly expensive.
There are fixed spots in the city where taxis are stationed, or they can be ordered by telephone.

In Slovenia you cannot find Uber, but teher are other apps to call a cab:

Taxi Metro Ljubljana:  Google Play    App Store
Platforma:   Google Play  App Store
City taxi:  Google Play  App Store